How It Works

Are you curious as to how it really works? If you are, rest assured that it all happens in three easy steps. There is really nothing to our process. Our aim is to make it simple and hassle-free for anyone who wants to sell us their junk car. Here is our simple process for buying your junk cars:

*Call and receive a free quote
You don’t pay anything at any point for a quote, regardless of whether you accept it or not. We give you
a fair quote for your car.

*Accept the offer
Upon acceptance of our offer, we give you the chance to schedule the day and time best for us to come
by to pay you and pick-up the car.

*Pay and Pick-up the vehicle
When we arrive to your location, we’ll have cash in hand and a tow truck to remove the vehicle.

The process starts with you. We have to hear from you in order to offer you cash for your car. Give us a call at Cash for Junk Cars Norwalk. You don’t have to worry about the struggles of trying to sell a car yourself. It can be challenging to sell a car that is running, just imagine how difficult it can be to try to sell a car that isn’t running? You don’t have to experience this sort of frustration when you call on us to buy your junk car. Don’t let others discourage you from at least giving us a call to see what we are willing to give you for your junk car. We would hate to see you miss out on an opportunity just because someone else believes the offer is to good too be true. Do yourself a favor and check us out for yourself. At Cash for Junk Cars Norwalk, we really do buy your junk cars regardless of their condition.

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you who may have noticed you have a car that is sitting there not running. They may try to talk you into selling parts of your junk car. Why sell the parts when you can sell us the entire car and have the benefit of us removing it for you also. This is one of the many benefits of selling your car to us. We give you something and you give us something, everyone is a winner. CALL NOW!

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"This is a service for anybody who has a used OR junk car to sell. Mine was used, but you could call it junk lol. Can’t believe they gave me a good deal on it, glad I called."
John M.